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Q1 Award for POWER-CAST Light Metal Solutions

POWER-CAST Light Metal Solutions (LMS) delivers between 1.5 and 2 million ready-to-install hand brake systems – just in time – every year as a first-tier supplier to different OEMs and their global sites.

The company was honoured by Ford in March 2017 by the covered and highly demanding Q1 Award, officially presented at the start of July. It is the highest quality award that the automotive manufacturer can bestow on its suppliers. Ford uses this system to significantly raise the bar in terms of the requirements of international quality standards, such as those set out in DIN ISO TS 16949, by using Ford-specific Q1 criteria relating to quality KPIs (PPM and QR), AIAG logistics certification in line with global MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation), MSA (Manufacturing site assessment) and engineering performance. The automotive manufacturer uses this prize to reward the outstanding performance delivered by POWER-CAST site in the Baden-Wuerttemberg town of Schlierbach and is thus designating the company as one of the best system suppliers in the industry.

POWER-CAST LMS is an international leader in the development and production of system components for various sectors. It focuses on lightweight systems using aluminium and magnesium die-cast parts. An established network guarantees the company efficient processes in all areas and along the entire value creation chain. LMS also makes the most of synergies within the Group. The magnesium cast parts for the Ford hand brake system come from POWER-CAST Zitzmann, based in the Bavarian town of Stockheim. Prototypes, state-of-the-art modern production principles, including “One Piece Flow” and “Poka Yoke”, which we use in the development of assembly facilities, guarantee efficient processes with the minimum possible investment.

DruMeta becomes part of POWER-CAST Group

Kopf Group takes over zinc die casting company DruMeta-Metall GmbH & Co. KG located in Velbert/Germany on July 1st, 2016. Willi Kopf, founder and owner of Kopf Group is glad about this acquisition: “DruMeta has been founded 50 years ago and is one of the leading zinc die casting companies in Europe. With the 170 well educated staff and a wide variety of customers the company will fit perfectly into our strategic development.”

Covered by the brand POWER-CAST the group brings traditional foundries together under a single roof. With 8 locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Mexico they deliver high-precision aluminium, magnesium and zinc die castings. The nearness to the customers plays a very crucial role in this. The company is able to realize all the benefits associated with the application of die cast components for its customers and it does so as a full-service provider, from development partnerships right through to fully assembled componeants. The deep know-how of all three die casting alloys – aluminium, magnesium and zinc – offers a unique customer benefit. Two or three individual POWER-CAST locations are strategically coordinated and specialized in the same types of alloys. Lightweight construction systems made from magnesium and aluminium round off the automotive portfolio.

Kopf Group is a family-run medium-size company located in Kirchheim/Teck, near Stuttgart in Germany. The group consists of the business divisions ZINKPOWER® and POWER-CAST and offers hot-dip-galvanizing and die casting. In totally 2,400 employees are working in 46 locations in 10 countries worldwide.

Process-reliable and innovative casting system for series production

Is it possible to reduce cycle times by almost half, save 66% of recycled material and incidentally improve quality along the way? In brief: yes – it is. POWER-CAST Ortmann has demonstrated that it can be done with a casing lid that was die cast in zinc using FGS technology.

The abbreviation FGS stands for Frech Gating System. Which is the name of a process which does not require conventional distributors to be filled and cooled before the moulds are opened. The casing-lid project saw cycle times for each component being cut from 1.6 to 0.9 seconds. The reduction achieved with recycling material was even greater: 66%. Which meant that energy efficiencies have also been increased. The resulting CO2 savings totalled 35,344 kilograms a year – that's equal to driving a mid-range luxury car for 297,000 kilometres.

The FGS' potential was recognised at an early stage by the people responsible at POWER-CAST Ortmann and consequently realised within a development partnership with Frech that accompanied the system to readiness for reliable series production.

The Frech Gating System's suitability for cast objects depends on several factors. Our team in Velbert would be happy to help you assess whether your product is suitable.

Successful Euroguss 2016

The  Who's Who of die casting industry was meeting at the EUROGUSS in Nuremberg, which took place from 12 to 14 January 2016. Around 12,000 trade visitors from a wide variety of sectors took the opportunity that the show presented to inform themselves about the latest developments in die-casting.

Our POWER-CAST companies, Ortmann, Magnetech, Vobra, Zitzmann, Ortmann Decin an POWER-CAST Monterrey presented themselves– with great success. Numerous Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminum die casting customers used the opportunity to get information about the range of services provided by the POWER-CAST group, which includes much more than die casting alone. Initial ideas have been elaborated with our sales team and considerable projects have been put in concrete terms.

For the year 2016 we expect interesting business opportunities and are looking forward to a mutually satisfactory relationship with you!


Winner of resources and energy efficiency

The German organisation ‘Initiative Zink’  had invited to take part in its 6th competition for zinc die casting. The winners were officially announced at the opening ceremony of the Euroguss. POWER-CAST Ortmann was one of the winners and its managers were glad to accept the coveted prize, the second time.

The prize was presented for a casing lid that had been cast in a six-fold mould using FGS technology.

Potential savings:
Cycle time 44%
Recycled material 66%
CO2 35,344 kg