• Welcome to POWER-CAST


  • Welcome to POWER-CAST


Engineering, die casting, machining and assembly

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We see ourselves as a partner to our customers, from the development of a product over its manufacture to logistics and installation services. Our company's strength lies in the exceptional expertise in the handling of aluminum, magnesium and zinc die casting, as well as in our combined die casting and CNC machining expertise. Thanks to innovative ideas, we offer solutions with added value to our customers and help to reduce CO2 emissions.

With the introduction of "Low-Carbon Z410" in die casting, we are setting a benchmark in terms of sustainability, thus significantly reducing the CO2 impact in the supply chain.

As a supplier of die-cast parts, over many years the POWER-CAST Group has been an ideal partner to its customers with a regionally-based, proven and thus highly reliable supply chain. The personal contact to our experts and short transportation routes ensures greater sustainability and active climate protection.

Full-Service-Anbieter mit hoher Fertigungstiefe


As a full-service provider, POWER-CAST has a correspondingly high level of in-house production. Customers can purchase low added-value die-cast parts at fair market prices, or even have highly sophisticated technical components manufactured precisely to their specific requirements. The precision and machining quality required for this can be guaranteed by the company's full-service concept. This starts with design, prototype and tool making, through production and CNC machining to surface finishing and assembly of the parts. 

Aluminium die casting

Aluminium die casting permits complex and lightweight components to be manufactured.

Magnesium die casting

Magnesium die casting is used whenever components need to be extremely lightweight and highly resilient.

Zinc die casting

Zinc die casting is ideal when components have to be thin-walled but need to be highly resilient at the same time.

Lightweight and System components

POWER-CAST Light Metal Solutions develops, plans and produces system components, lightweight constructions as well as kinematic systems for the automotive industry. Furthermore the company offers assembling of individual components into complex modules.


We are making our supply chains more sustainable with the help of the Metal Alliance for Responsible Sourcing (Mars) and are meeting our duty of care towards all stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of our corporate culture.


The POWER-CAST Group brings traditional foundries together under a single roof. As a medium-sized, family-run company, the company delivers high-precision aluminium, magnesium and zinc die castings.

Lightweight construction systems made from magnesium and aluminium round off its automotive portfolio. Customers of non-automotive branches like fitting or medicine technology relay on the assembling services and state-of-the-art production principles.

With eight locations, in Germany, the Czech Republic and Mexico, the company is able to realize all the benefits associated with the application of die cast components for its customers. And it does so as a full-service provider, from development partnerships right through to fully assembled components.