Complex zinc die casting and efficient CNC machining - from a single source!

An order from a customer in the field of compressed air technology placed the highest demands on the development and production of a valve housing: For use in a pneumatic component, the headpiece had to have accurately produced threads and sealing surfaces despite complex geometries. As well as being pressure-tight, temperature-resistant, durable and robust for everyday industrial use. And all this with the additional requirement of economic efficiency and sustainability as well as the minimal and energy-efficient use of all resources. 

The tasks in relation to the technical realisation couldn't be more challenging - and couldn't be implemented without further processing after the casting," says Sven Weustenhagen from Technical Sales.

In close collaboration between the customer and POWER-CAST Ortmann, a production concept was developed that covers the product development process from zinc die casting to the subsequent CNC machining - from a single source in our own company:

  • With the support of powerful mould filling simulation software, the mould concept enables optimal filling in the casting process.

  • The zinc die casting in an automatic casting cell with integrated process monitoring and robot removal guarantees a consistent casting quality.

  • Subsequent processes such as the automated separation of the casting, sliding grinding of the sprue surface or demand-driven CNC machining also ensure efficient cost management and short throughput times

  • In the next step, the jig concept comprises the complex machining of all six sides of the component on state-of-the-art CNC machining machines, which is precisely tailored to the application.

  • An in-process handling concept ensures a gentle production cycle and systematically protects the sensitive surfaces of the component.

  • After the washing and surface preparation of the component, a 100% leak test to 8 bar is carried out in the final test concept, including documentation for the customer.

The high production depth with zinc die casting and CNC machining in-house ensures "a flexible and future-proof production process in which we take into account all the criteria relevant to parts, design, casting and production and can therefore supply our customers with a component that is both functional and cost-optimised and ready to install with consistent quality standards," concludes Sven Weustenhagen.