POWER-CAST Monterrey Supplier of the year

ContiTech presents the award in recognition of the outstanding performance by our Mexican site POWER-CAST Monterrey over many years.

The award that recognises us as one of their Top 5 international suppliers is a perfect example of how global and intercultural cooperation should work.

A close development partnership links both companies. The elementary project milestones are jointly developed with ContiTech in partnership-based work across all sites and implemented using inter-group synergies. The die casting moulds as well as the deburring cuts, for example, are developed at several European POWER-CAST sites. All Mexican skilled personnel are intensively involved in each project phase at an early stage, which guarantees know-how transfer into on-site series production and thus ensures the quality of the castings and good delivery reliability.

POWER-CAST Monterrey casts a range of aluminium die castings, which are then combined to form an assembly by San Luis Potosi-based ContiTech. The assembly is used in car engine bearings where it absorbs the engine vibrations generated there.