Q1 Award for POWER-CAST Light Metal Solutions

POWER-CAST Light Metal Solutions (LMS) delivers between 1.5 and 2 million ready-to-install hand brake systems – just in time – every year as a first-tier supplier to different OEMs and their global sites.

The company was honoured by Ford in March 2017 by the covered and highly demanding Q1 Award, officially presented at the start of July. It is the highest quality award that the automotive manufacturer can bestow on its suppliers. Ford uses this system to significantly raise the bar in terms of the requirements of international quality standards, such as those set out in DIN ISO TS 16949, by using Ford-specific Q1 criteria relating to quality KPIs (PPM and QR), AIAG logistics certification in line with global MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guidelines/Logistics Evaluation), MSA (Manufacturing site assessment) and engineering performance. The automotive manufacturer uses this prize to reward the outstanding performance delivered by POWER-CAST site in the Baden-Wuerttemberg town of Schlierbach and is thus designating the company as one of the best system suppliers in the industry.

POWER-CAST LMS is an international leader in the development and production of system components for various sectors. It focuses on lightweight systems using aluminium and magnesium die-cast parts. An established network guarantees the company efficient processes in all areas and along the entire value creation chain. LMS also makes the most of synergies within the Group. The magnesium cast parts for the Ford hand brake system come from POWER-CAST Zitzmann, based in the Bavarian town of Stockheim. Prototypes, state-of-the-art modern production principles, including “One Piece Flow” and “Poka Yoke”, which we use in the development of assembly facilities, guarantee efficient processes with the minimum possible investment.