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The occurrences of the last two years have clearly shown us the fragility of our global economies. This is particularly true of global supply chains, where intermittent interruptions or delays have led to supply bottlenecks or even delivery stoppages on a wide range of products.

Global supply chains under threat 

The current situation is exemplified in our sector of industry. Recently, low value-added die-cast products in particular have increasingly been produced in the Far East for cost reasons. As a result, local manufacturers of die-cast parts have increasingly switched to the cost-effective production of more complex parts. However, with increasing awareness of the fragility of these lengthy supply chains, a "re-regionalisation" of supply processes has recently begun. The reasons are understandable: regional supply chains are more robust, especially if they form a political and economic zone of influence, as in the EU, and the corresponding transport routes are shorter, more reliable and secure. At the same time, modern production processes and short transport routes can make a lasting contribution to climate protection.

Exceptional material expertise 

As a supplier of die-cast parts, the POWER-CAST Group has been an ideal partner to its customers within a regionally-based, proven and thus highly reliable supply chain over many years. This partnership extends from the development of a product through its manufacture to logistics and assembly services. The company's strength lies in its exceptional expertise in the handling of aluminium, magnesium and zinc die casting, as well as its combined die casting and CNC machining expertise.

As a full-service provider, POWER-CAST has a correspondingly high level of in-house production. Customers can purchase low added-value die-cast parts at fair market prices, or even have highly sophisticated technical components manufactured precisely to their specific requirements. The precision and machining quality required for this can be guaranteed by the company's full-service concept. This starts with design, prototype and tool making, through production and CNC machining to surface finishing and assembly of the parts. The exceptional level of expertise that the POWER-CAST Group demonstrates, especially in the production of highly complex die-cast parts, has already received multiple awards. 

Sustainably into the future

A further advantage of the "one-stop-shop" concept: the requirement for companies from the Member States of the European Community to prove the sustainability of their entire value chain will become considerably more comprehensive and more demanding in terms of content in the coming years. Last spring, for example, the EU Commission submitted a proposal to amend the CSR Directive. Among other things, the new guidelines will provide for a significant expansion of the number of companies that will be required to provide information on their sustainability levels within their management report. The planned changes are expected to take effect in the 2023 reporting period. Companies benefit from consistently high quality and sustainability standards with the POWER-CAST Group as their supplier – across all its sites. This also applies to its energy management system, which has now been put in place at all the Group's German sites. Meet the!