Eleven outstanding die cast parts were on the jury's short list for the International Zinc Die Casting Award 2022. What convinced the jury was the high surface quality and the environmentally friendly coating of POWER-CAST Ortmann's "Connector Plate".

What especially pleases us about this award is how the colleagues at POWER-CAST Ortmann overcame massive challenges in finding a new way of coating the surface of parts. 

Up to now, connector plate nickel-plating was carried out with a conventional process. But as the technical development of the assembly continued, a different surface coating had to be found in order to avoid chromium VI. Although ongoing trials showed that chromium III-based plating was a promising option, it involved a new manufacturing process which initially displayed massive result fluctuations. 

Thanks to successful stabilization and adjustment of the process parameters, today's chromium III surface fully meets our customer's optical and technical requirements.

In addition, the extremely complex die cast part and its demanding casting requirements call for an appropriate mold design in order to guarantee optimum filling behavior - here, too, POWER-CAST Ortmann's technical development work sets new standards.