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New member at POWER-CAST Group

Magenetech GmbH became member of POWER-CAST Group on October 1st, 2015. The company has been found in 2001 and is casting parts of Magnesium with a weight of between 10 and 1,200 g. Magnetech is our group’s competence center for magnesium die casting through hot-chamber processing.

POWER-CAST Zitzmann honoured with an award

Magnesium die casting is always used when a component must be extremely light. Thin walls, high surface quality and precise dimensions are the most important advantages of this process, in addition to the low weight. POWER-CAST Zitzmann GmbH & Co. KG has already been successfully active in magnesium die casting for 20 years.

The company has again been honoured with an award by the Europäische Forschungsgemeinschaft Magnesium (EFM). The submitted “panel support” from AM 50 was awarded with the 3rd prize in the Cast Parts – Automobiles category. This is a crash-relevant support framework with mountings for a radio and navigation operating element, as well as for two ventilation nozzles. The 415 g lightweight component is subject to precise measurements requirements for several centring elements/drill holes. In addition to this, the specification of the sport vehicle manufacturer requires: no mechanical rework. The thin-walled implementation places high casting technology demands on people, as well as machinery.

The casting takes place on a fully-automated heat chamber casting plant using a single mould with various mechanical sliders. The mechanical engineering team of POWER-CAST Zitzmann was involved in the project right from the start and selected a central casting position in the middle section of the mould, in order to achieve short flow paths and accordingly high casting quality. In advance of this, the casting process was simulated and optimised with the tool. It quickly became evident that the pressure casting mould was perfectly designed, so that the subsequent tool could quickly be produced unchanged.